I am proud to be a Tropic Ambassador!!! Here’s why:

1) Tropic is about women, for women, founded by a woman and celebrating women and real natural beauty

2) Tropic is plant based and fully, 100%, certifiably VEGAN! And yes that means NO ANIMAL TESTING and yes it is a wonderful range of products to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding….in fact Tropic’s Tammanu Healing Balm won the award for ‘Best Stretch Mark/Tummy Butter/Balm’ at the 2014 Beauty Shortlist Baby Awards….roll on the awards for 2015! See here for details.

3) Tropic is good for your skin and good for your health as it is free from nasty chemicals: no parabens, no mineral oil, nothing in there that you couldn’t eat – not that I’m saying eat your cleanser but hopfully you see where I’m coming from. In turn – what’s good for your skin is good for the environment as it is lowering pollution and reducing your chemical load.

4) I love me! I love being nice to me in healthy and nurturing ways: and I encourage all womenfolk to have this kind, compassionate and fun approach to self-care. Pampering ourselves and nurturing ourselves from outside in has a direct impact on the way we feel from the inside out: fact! It’s a symbiotic process.

5) Pure. Honest. Effective. The company motto says it all – couldn’t this be a personal mantra?!

If this has tickled your fancy (oooooo er missus!) please visit my online store >>> here <<<, and make contact to ask any questions you have about the products or about becoming an ambassador yourself.

And check out my very own “Before and after” from my recent DIY makeover when I was left alone with the sumptuous cosmetics….




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