Coaching Packages

I am a coach because I believe that we all have within ourselves the power and the inner knowing to heal ourselves, and to contribute something unique and valuable to the world. To have the privilege of helping a client remember that, to reconnect with that place is just….that. An absolute privilege.


In their words:

“I was telling a friend the other day that every time I see you or we speak on the phone I just feel so much better, and I do so much better”

“I perceive Ilena as highly intuitive and extremely fast in understanding me and my needs. She is so profound in her observations, that she can express my thoughts and feelings sometimes even before I am aware of them; a skill which is highly useful as a coach. I can imagine that this skill is even more powerful when working with pregnant mothers and their partners, especially during birth. She notices every detail and is able to calm down the energy and atmosphere instantly; something which is important and useful as a coach and again I imagine invaluable as a doula. I am grateful I have the privilege to work with her.”

“You’re amazing. Your support is and has been invaluable to me. A million thanks for your love, support, energy and wisdom. I’ll never be able to explain how much it has helped. I am so glad you are using your amazing gifts to help so many women.”

“Your approach is often very confronting, which in the moment can come as a shock, but after our sessions I always reflect back and I notice how true and how powerful your observations are, and how much they help me to be really honest with myself about what’s blocking…so that I can move forward. Thank you for cutting through the clutter to help me refocus so efficiently.”

“…I feel so relieved to have been so honest with you – I obviously wasn’t willing to share how it all was for me until now and I am truly grateful to you for hearing and seeing me…I cannot tell you how light I feel for having spoken it out…I didn’t realise it was still there…so of course I am glad to have been able to give it space, and I am just so so glad that it’s now been shifted and you were so wonderful and able to hear it. I really already knew that whatever happens with me is “ok” – but I don’t think I have allowed that feeling and space and committment to myself until now so thank you for allowing me to access that. Such a relief to be broken open…All my love and gratitude.”

“Ilena is a friendly, helpful and professional career coach, providing an excellent and punctual service with a human and personal touch. She is a good, efficient, honest and pleasant communicator, which is importamt when working through such delicate and personal topics. I achieved all the goals I set out to achieve with Ilena’s support, and surpassed many of them. I would have no hesitation in working with Ilena in the future and would recommend her professional results driven approach to anyone who would listen!”

When we collaborate for coaching you can expect:
– to be listened to and be heard
– to be seen and be appreciated
– to be questioned and be challenged
– to be committed and be held accountable
– to be encouraged and empowered
So please come as yourself, and lets get really honest about who you are and what you’re doing here in this world that makes your heart and our hearts sing.

A la carte coaching:

First 20 minute espresso session: free – no strings!

Hourly rate thereafter: 77

Coaching Packages:
Mindful pregnancy, birth and 4th trimester preparation package: 575
– 4 x 90 minute one to one coaching sessions before birth; session can include 20 minute meditation or healing.
– Two 60 minute coaching sessions in the four months after baby is born.
– Two recorded meditations: ‘mindful pregnancy’, ‘birth preparation/visualisation’, or ‘self care: a calming meditation for motherhood’
– Birth plan template documentation
– 4th Trimester planning documentation
Seven step career coaching: 777
– Seven sessions
– Seven homeworks (and homework motivation)
– Seven “coach check ins”
– Up to nine months work together
– Seven steps to a big change: ready for the challenge?
Five steps into mindfulness: 575
– Five 90 minute sessions
– Five home practices / meditation recordings
– Do the work within five weeks or five months: feel your pace
– Are you ready to breathe a little deeper, feel a little calmer, change your perspective and BE HERE NOW?
Need more info? Want to double check that we have “that click”?
>>> Book a free 25 minute espresso session with me and let’s answer the questions, establish the goals, and work out a road map of how we will navigate you there! <<<
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