I am…

I am a birth doula and a coach.
I am a believer in love.
I am a mummy.
I am a believer in women. I am a feminist.
I am someone who sees the best in a person by default.
I am fond of saying “I am doing the best I can with the knowledge that I have right now”.
I am loyal.
I am a good listener. I am a less good but enthusiastic singer.
I am creative.
I am incredibly skilled at making up recipes on the spot.
I am a dog person and a cat person.
In my “me time” I am an outdoorsy nature lover, a traveller, a people curious person, and a chatterbox.
In my dreams I am a full time crunchy hippie mummy, a birth and a death doula, an actor, an architect, a published author, a jewellry designer, an entrepeneur’s coach, a portrait photographer, a cafe-bistro owner, an interior designer, a bus driver (yeah really!) and a muse: all at the same time!

I am grateful to be able to offer my services as a birth doula and coach in the world, as I took an interesting and meandering journey to get here. (I was a financial services headhunter, a chalet maid, a corporate relationship manager, a waitress, a telesales operative, a receptionist, an actor and a barmaid along the way, but not in that order. All roads lead to Rome, as they say.)

I am a birth doula because I believe passionately that if we change our birth stories, one at a time; we can change the world – one mother and one baby at a time. To have the honour of supporting and nurturing a woman during her pregnancy, labour, birth and postpartum period; to help her stay in touch with her power, her vulnerability, and her courage; to hold and protect those sacred spaces during this time in her life to allow her to surrender into them, is utter oxytocin-fuelled loveliness.
If you engage me to support and serve you as your doula, you can expect:
  • to be listened to and be heard
  • to be seen and be appreciated
  • to be encouraged and empowered
  • to be served and honoured
  • to be nourished and nurtured
  • to be supported unconditionally; no questions, no judgements, no compromise
So please come as you are, ask for what you need, and relax into the transformation of pregnancy, birth and new parenthood.

I am a coach because I believe that we all have within ourselves the power and the inner knowing to heal ourselves, and to contribute something unique and perfectly imperfect to the world. To have the privilege of helping a client remember that, to reconnect with that place, and then to support them in propelling themselves out there into the world is just….that: an absolute privilege.
When we collaborate for coaching you can expect:
  • to be listened to and be heard
  • to be seen and be appreciated
  • to be questioned and be challenged
  • to be committed and be held accountable
  • to be encouraged and empowered
So please come as yourself, and lets get really honest about who you are and what you’re doing here in this world that makes your heart and our hearts sing hallelujah!

I encourage you to review again the list of other skills to offer on the “Welcome” page for more specific info.
I warmly invite you to make contact directly if you have questions or would like to organise a free, no obligation meeting to establish if I’m the right doula or coach for you.

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