Doulas : News & Statistics

When I decided to become a doula I was living in Amsterdam. You mention “Doula” and THE place to train is with The Netherlands’ best known doulas Jennifer Walker and Jacky Bloemraad de Boer from JJ Doula Training.

Incredibly, Jennifer Walker has recently been trained by none other than Gail Tully (of herself to become one of only six official Spinning Babies instructors.

Far from taking the place of a father or partner during labour, a doula is there to support the father/partner in supporting the mother; a point beautifully broken down into ‘5 Reasons Dad Should DEMAND a Doula’

Love this quote:
“Our doula really helped bring me together with my wife as she gave birth. My wife remembers my constant support and never failing love or knowledge. She remembers the doula as a nice person who did some stuff in the background. We won’t give birth without a doula.”


Other words you might use to describe the work of a doula – should you wish to seek out the details of another doula in Amsterdam or wherever you are based; doulas are everywhere!

  • Birth coach
  • Birth support
  • Labour support or labor support (if you’re American)
  • Bevallingscoach
  • Zwangerschapscoach
  • Birth worker


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