Let me remind you….

Let me remind you….


Dearest Human Being, or should I address you as Human Doing?!

I’m writing you this letter because I feel you in deep despair, inner turmoil, confusion and pain. This is a place you have not existed within for many years; or what feels like many years because the power of the light, the love, the flow and the abundantly beautiful natural order of the Universe which you have been living in alignment with is so different to this place you’re in right now. You were flying so high in that vibration that this place – the entrapment, the stuck feeling, the gloom, “The Fear” – this place had become but a distant memory which had almost been eradicated by it’s irrelevance.

My darling, I need to say to you – your eyes looking directly into mine – we are headed back there: I promise. This time it will be even more blissful, light infused, love filled, flowing, abundant, prosperous, beautiful and effortless than ever before because:

a) you’ve been back here, you’ve sat through this dark night of the soul, you’ve felt it like you’ve never really felt it before and you have been kinder and more compassionate to yourself during this darkness than you ever managed in the past

b) you have jumped two feet in; you are fully committed to the path which exists in conjunction with divine purpose and order, with your soul’s whispers, and with your heart’s yearnings. This path which translates as being authentically, uniquely, lovingly, unabashedly and all encompassing YOU !!! You know now, through feeling all this, that that means the whole you: the shadows of you too.

I see you now. Wrinkling your brow. I see you calculating, I see you plotting, I see you planning, I see you shrinking, I see you hardening, I see you losing the thread and I almost see you feeling the sinking, sliding, heavy, weighted and spiralling reeling feeling that seems to drag you from your brow down to your feet and root you, pin you, hold you: stuck, frightened, fearful, lost in despair.

Then I hear your Lizard Mind/The Gremlins/The Ego pounce. The voices competing. The abusers past, the naysayers present, the childhood stealers, the karmic cycles, the systemic rhetoric; they take their turns to vocalise the thoughts which keep you in fight, flight and freeze. The most frightening: the voice which transfers between them all, the most evolved and manipulative of the voices – the pseudo spiritual thought box; cleverly twisting, evading, borrowing vocabulary from your work and creating the most persuasive doubt…..

“Is this in fact my heart voice communicating? Or my spirit, my intuition telling me ‘Sort it out you faker – how could you help another reach their goals when you’re so far from your own you navel-gazing tree-hugging wannabe? Its time for the harsh reality you failure; if only you’d gone to University, if only you’d never loved and lived with your father, if only you’d never loved and lived with your mother, if only you’d continued crunching those corporate carrots, if only you’d scraped and scavenged, if only you were less generous, if only you were more courageous, if only you were more, if only you were less, if only your face fit, if only you were enough….ad infinitum’ ”

Stop my sweetness. Look me in the eye and repeat after me: “Thank you”.

Really. Say thank you to all those voices individually. Immerse yourself in gratitude for every single one of those wise and generous critics you have known, loved and lived with. Really feel the pinch and the pain of each criticism they make.

Is it a pin prick or a knockout blow?

Notice that darling. That there has NEVER been a KNOCKOUT blow! Never!

Nor shall there ever be. For one of your many gifts is strength. Strength of spirit. The courage, the will and the determination to carry on, to continue your quest, to seek further, to go deeper, to push forward.

Beyond hurt, beyond betrayal, beyond frustration, beyond boundaries, beyond the karma, the dogma and the limits of family systems, soulmates and lovers.

Onwards and beyond.

Aaaaaaaaaah: I see your jaw soften slightly. I see you swallow, the lump in your throat is almost visible too. I hear you breathe a little more deeply. It is ok; you’re safe now, here in this present moment.


Take space.

Take root.

Straighten your spine.

You. Are. Safe.   You. Are. Loved.   You. Are. Protected.

Did I remind you yet?

Did you feel us reconnect yet?

I never left. I am here with you always; within you, without you, in front of you, above you, below you, behind you. I am here; you are safe, you are loved, you are protected – and in any moment you can check into our fizz; let me remind you, and you’ll know it too.

Have faith my darling. Have hope, and be courageous.

Come within, or head off up and out into that higher realm, let us meet up there, let us embrace, let me remind you. Every cell and every spiritual vibration of you – within you, without you, all around, all-embracing. Let me remind you in a moment, in an hour, overnight, your whole lifetime let you never forget.

Remember me – for even in these painful, sticky, stuck, doubtful, fearful periods of transformation, transition and revelations; I am here and we are connected.

Lean in on me whenever you need to.

If you need a hug – I’m here. If you need to find forgiveness – I’m here. If you need a reminder; a big, small, temporary or constant reminder  – I’m here: let me remind you.

Lean in for I have trust, will, determination, space, power, healing, hope, action, allowing, light, acceptance, forgiveness, blueprints, faith, bliss, joy, happiness, contentment, energetic free flow, creative pizzazz, nourishment, mothering, fathering, divine love, universal love, romantic love and LOVE for both of us.

I have all those things in abundant supply, always. Enough for two, enough for three, enough for ten, enough for twenty, enough for five thousand, enough for Yorkshire, enough for Blighty, enough for The Netherlands, enough for Europe and beyond. Lots. Unlimited. Boundless and effortless abundance. Prosperity aplenty. I can reflect it all back to you whenever you need a reminder or you need to borrow it; like a seven dimensional mirror.

You know it; it’s all within, within me, within you: your higher self.

Sit with it. Let me cloak you in it. Bask in it. Resonate with this truth awhile.

Perhaps that’s all the action you need to take just now? Letting me remind you of this; coming home to this.

This is your homestead and I am your hearth. Stay awhile here with me; you’re not a guest here and you could never out stay your welcome.

And so it is.

Love, hugs and always,

Your Higher Self

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