Really glad you’re here; thanks for dropping by! How can I serve you?


If you’re looking for a Birth Doula or Birth Support Services in Amsterdam including:

– Doula support / birth support / labour support
– Birth preference planning
– Meditation, relaxation and pampering in pregnancy
– Coaching in pregnancy, during birth or new parenthood
– Counselling in pregnancy, in birth preparation or new parenthood
– Expert birth support and counselling for survivors of abuse, birth trauma, trauma or PTSD
– Postpartum doula services and breastfeeding support
– Postpartum healing and relaxation
– Birth photography
– Reiki, polarity and energy healing
– Massage and accupressure (including cupping)
– Aromatherapy for pregnancy, birth and parenthood

Then head over here, and if you’d like to hear from families I have supported in pregnancy and birth – a selection of my testimonials are posted here.

If I mentioned my “useful resources” directory in a pregnancy, birth or postpartum meeting we had; you will find “that article/book/study” I mentioned here.


If you’re looking for a Coach in Amsterdam within any of these areas:
– Living mindfully
– (Re)igniting your professional life (career coaching)
– Relaxation, meditation and wellness

Then this is the place you need and if you’d like to hear from clients I have supported as a coach then you can find their experiences here.

Do you fancy sitting in a circle to share your experience in these areas with other likeminded individuals in Amsterdam?

– Preparation and planning for birth
– Birth stories
– VBAC Support Group
– Caesarean Support Network
– Pregnancy
– New parenthood
– Meditation and mindfulness

Then head over here to keep abreast of news of these upcoming events; feel free to follow this page via wordpress and head to twitter / facebook / instagram / linkedin as I post events, offers, new packages and blog posts on all these outlets too.

As a doula and coach in Amsterdam; clearly I am a people person! I love hearing the human voice on the phone or meeting over a “cuppa” in person or virtually sooooooooo much more than receiving an email – so give me a bell if you’ve got any questions or would like to offer some feedback, and if needs must(!) then the email address is below…

Call me: 0648688308

Skype me: damskilena

Email me: hello@ilenajoannestandring.com


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